Kettlebell – an amazing workout equipment

Kettlebells are round weighted balls that have handles on them and these handles allow them to be carried around easier. There are different types you can choose from: Competition, Standard and other types like the adjustable kettlebell, which is perfect for home workout. They are used to help increase an individuals strength. Due to the unique way that this piece of equipment is designed there are multiple workouts that a person can do. The kettlebell can provide a full body workout.

One Arm Kettle Jerk

A common workout that can be completed done with the kettlebell is the one arm kettle jerk. This move begins by bringing the ball in one hand up to your shoulder. Then in a quick motion, bend down using your legs and jerk the ball above your head. This move utilizes the shoulders and also incorporates the triceps, quads and calves.


A second exercise that is done to work the abdominal is called kettlebell figure eight. This move begins holding the ball in one hand with in a bent leg position. The equipment is moved with one arm between the legs, then grabbed with the opposite hand and taken through the legs to the opposite side. To make sure both sides are even this move should be done in the opposite direction. This move targets the individuals side ab muscles.There are many reasons to use this product, but it is often overlooked or underestimated for a variety of reasons. One is that it is very cheap, leaving some to question its true value. It is also a bit strange in appearance and unlike any other piece of workout equipment. Make no mistake, this object can grant a variety of uses and benefits to a user.


A move used to work the quads is the kettlebell squat. This exercise needs the individual to use 2; one starts in each hand. To start the exercise, get the balls up to your shoulders. Once they are there, slowly start to squat down pushing your butt out. Get as low as possible, stop for a brief second, and then return to a standing position. Repeat the move.Most people who are interested in getting into shape typically fall into two categories. One is an effort to lose weight by burning fat, and the other is to get stronger and build muscle mass. For both of these agendas, a kettlebell can be very useful. It is versatile enough to accommodate cardiovascular workouts, and it can also be highly effective in resistance training to build and strengthen muscle in various parts of the body.

The final move in the total body workout is the alternating floor press. This move also requires the use of 2 bells. This move strengthens the chest. To start this move a person needs to lay down on the on their back. Next, have one ball in each hand bringing them to the chest. Once there, one of the balls needs to be pushed to the ceiling and then returned back to the beginning position. This move should be done on both sides.

Multiple moves are able to be done with this. Any type of move you can come up with can be done with a kettlebell. This equipment has the ability to get you in all around great shape.